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Build in your iPhone car mount holder into your Audi A3/A4

I recently installed the Joli iPhone car mount holder in my Audi A4 . This holder makes it possible to store your iPhone in your cup holder and charge it immediately. The holder is recessed in the cup holder and keeps the look of your car neat. 
The cable is hidden by removing the rubber from the cup holders. There you see a flap which you can pop out with a flat screwdriver.
Then you can use the plastic cap on the side (with your pedals) to get exactly behind the cup holder with the cable.
There is already an opening, then it is some piles until you have the cable in front of the hole. I used tweezers to lift the Lightning plug.
You can let the other side of the USB cable run backwards all the way behind this plastic and connect it to the USB connector under your armrest.
This way you don't have a cable to your 12V connection.
Cup holder phone holder for charging and Apple carplay connection for Range Rover, jaguar, Audi, BMW, KIA and ford
The only disadvantage is that the standard Lightning cable is just too short, I solved this with a USB extension cable.

I am very satisfied with the final result.