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Joli iPhone car mount design progress 2019 model.

The Joli iPhone car mount holder is a car mount that is produced by means of Industrial 3D production. By using Industrial 3D printing, the car mounts can be made separately for each car type. This is necessary because the Joli iPhone car mount is a product that fits exactly in your car. A custom adapter makes sure that the adapter falls away in your dashboard and it looks like it belongs to the interior of the car.

In recent years I have made many adjustments. There are more car brands supported such as Ford, KIA, Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover, BMW. A few years ago there was a big change from the 30 pin plug to the Apple location plug, there have been many improvement rounds to make a design that uses as little material as possible, adjustments made to improve the strength and placement of the support.

The production costs of Industrial 3D printing are very high and all-determining for the final price. Mainly dimensions, material type and quantity of material determine the production costs. This is why it was important to reduce the amount of material and the dimensions as much as possible. Ultimately, the optics are mainly determined by this factor.

At the moment I am working on another new model. This is mainly necessary because there are new iPhone models on the market such as the iPhone X, XS, XR which have different dimensions. To support these models well and to improve the optics of the adapter, I designed a new model.

I wanted the look of the new car mounts to look less technical. I also thought it was important that nothing could get stuck to the adapter. With the current design, the support sticks out somewhat clumsy. The adapter also had to be ready for possible new production techniques. Think of 3d with wire printing, or having it pressed into a mould. Besides these improvement points, the different iPhone diameters, distance from the cup holder to the dashboard and protective covers with different thicknesses have to be taken into account.

Continuation comes quickly.