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Car mount questions and answers

The connector does not seem to fit in the mount:

The connector has a very tight fit in the mount so it will prevent the connector to slip out. You have to press it in with a little force. The best way is to use a table corner for this. Make sure you press it side by site equivalent. Also, make sure that you use the original iPhone lightning connector.

I would like to return the order

All items can be returned within 10 days. The iPhone mounts are custom made and can therefore only returned when the item is damaged or not working as expected

My car is not listed in the shop:

Currently, not all care brands are measured and tested with their specific cupholder size. The iPhone car mount is only tested for BMW, Audi, Range Rover, Land Rover, Ford, KIA, Jaguar, Fiat, Opel, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Jeep, Volvo and Toyota.

Some of the car brands are supported, but not all car types are listed. There are three reasons for this.
1 The mount will not stick in the cup holder
2 Your car is so new that I'm not aware of the existence of the car type ( herein Europ)
3 Your car is a bit older type. Mostly before 2016 are not supported

No new car types will be supported this year. When you like to order a custom iPhone car mount, please let me know the measurements ( very precisely), and I will redirect you to the right car mount for you.

Will other phone brands than Apple be supported in the future?

There are simply too many different connectors and phone types to make a high-quality car mount solution for.

How can I measure my cup holder myself.

The adapter should remain attached to the top of the cupholder. For this purpose, the side of the adapter is also slightly tapered. Possible method is to put a piece of clay in the cupholder and take it out and measure on it. The measurements have to be made very carefully. A caliper can be used for this. Should you end up ordering the wrong size, I recommend using double sided tape.

Do you use cookies on your website

I use the regular marketing tools that you will find on any webshop site and not interested to share your information with 3rd parties.