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Pure Camper, mini teardrop caravan
Pure Camper, mini teardrop caravan

Pure Camper, mini teardrop caravan

Joli Design

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One unique concept 

The Pure Camper is a unique concept that is developed with high quality, minimalism and luxury in mind.

Aesthetic design, ergonomics and functionality have been brought together in many iterations to a high level. This has resulted in a product that appeals in all areas to the target group of millennials. The unique end result, low starting cost and fast production in Germany make it possible to quickly step into the market and catch up with the current holiday trend.


As a Pure camper brand owner, I want to create a good feeling towards everyone who comes into contact with the brand. I want to achieve this by developing unique sustainable, high quality products and give entrepreneurs the possibility to develop new business opportunities.  Together with an open mindset and willingness to find solutions that are good for everyone, the vision becomes truth. 

Business ideology  

The business concept is more about bringing something unique to the market, making people happy, rather than making large-scale profits. I therefore try to find companies that share these thoughts and does become better together.


In the coming years Pure Camper wants to offer entrepreneurs in various countries the opportunity to work together with Pure Camper. To roll out this concept in their region, make it a success and to develop more unique concepts that can be marketed through the partner network.